3 Elements That You Don’t Like About Content Marketing

3 Things You Hate the Most About Content Marketing and How to Start Loving Them

With the ever-changing landscape of marketing, it's hard to know what will work best. That is why we have come up with three content marketing "hates" that can help turn things around for good!

Content can be challenging, but it doesn't need to feel like a burden! Find out how you can create an empowering environment for your clients that helps them succeed with content.

If you're a business owner, the first step to any successful marketing campaign is content. Without it, there's no way of getting your message out to all those potential customers who could be interested in what kind of services/products you offer!

It has been my experience that content marketers are overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to process. But if someone does end up making more money than Bill Gates then why haven't worked on it yet?

Content marketing is the best way to both advertise your business and convert leads into customers. However, it’s also one of those things you'll inevitably end up doing anyway no matter how complicated or challenging- there's just no escaping its brilliance!

It's time to start tackling the three biggest challenges in content marketing!

You know what you’re up against, so here we will talk about the three biggest challenges facing content marketers. We'll take a look at solutions and ways of overcoming them!

#1 Content Marketing Challenges

The hardest part about content marketing is overcoming imposter syndrome. You spend hours crafting a blog post or article, but when you don’t get any feedback from readers on what they liked and disliked. Well, it might make sense why so many people feel like failures as writers! But there are plenty of tips for how to fix this issue:

1.1. Improve Your Content Quality With SERP Snooping

Quality content is the key to SEO success. Spend time on it, invest in quality writing, and you will see how your rankings rise! SERP snooping can help improve that by pinpointing areas where readers bounce when they get there.

The best way to get ahead in your industry is by looking at the competition.

But how do you know what makes them successful?

You can use research and analyze their content with an eye for weaknesses. Then, dig deeper into these search results and look for weaknesses in your competitor’s content or topics they fail to cover.

You can also turn to community forums such as Quora or Reddit for help.

1.2. Use Creativity to Make Your Content Stand Out

Creative and attractive content can be the difference between a reader who bounces or stays engaged. The key is to stand out from other writers by being creative enough so that they will not get bored of your content.

Become a creative genius and attract readers with the following three steps

  • Stand out from your competitors by using creativity.

  • Keep their attention for as long as possible without boring them or overwhelming you with too much information at once.

  • Make it so compelling that people want more even before ending on an enticing note!

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Every person has their own distinct voice and it is important to use a tone that is unique and recognizable.

  • Take advantage of interactive content like quiz games, GIFs, or videos to make your blog posts more engaging for readers!

  • Share your experience with the readers to make it attractive.

  • Experimenting with different content formats can be the best way to find what works best for your budget.

  • By creating and publishing engaging and creative content, you can conduct interviews with industry leaders.

  • You can also use infographics about your topic of expertise to attract new followers who want more information on the subject matter.

The best way to make your content stand out is by adopting a unique approach. In this way, your audience will be able to see something different and creative from the rest of them!

1.3. Enhance Your Content’s Quality Through Outsourcing

While the content creation process isn’t easy for anyone, it becomes more difficult to do all of this on your own. Therefore, hiring an external writer is more feasible for many small businesses with limited budgets and resources to handle their online presence alone.

We all know that how much a low content ROI can affect your business. Luckily there's a way to get around this problem and increase revenue: signing up with Skyscrapers LLC!

Businesses like ours, offer affordable rates which allow you to continue creating fresh new blog posts while ensuring success.

#2 Content Marketing Challenge: How to Measure the ROI of Your Content?

Nearly everyone would tell you to measure twice and cut one.

What do we actually mean when we say 'measure' in content marketing? Talking about content strategies. Return on investment or ROI is the most effective way of measuring and knowing how well your content did or worked.

But, unfortunately, many content marketers struggle to measure it precisely. As a marketer, it is crucial that you identify key and important metrics as the content will affect the entire business sales funnel.

2.1. Measuring the ROI for Your Content Marketing Strategies

Begin by adding up all the resources that went into it. This includes money, effort, time, and other resources. Besides, marketing and distribution costs are also added to it.

Afterward, examine the metrics of the strategy in detail. Consider the following things.

  • How many direct sales has the content generated?

  • How many indirect sales are generated?

  • How many leads did you get and the quality level of those leads? What is the quality of the generated leads?

  • Has the traffic on the website increased?

To understand everything properly and successfully, you will need a good analytics tool.

Google Analytics is believed to be a standard tool for it. be sure that you use URL tracking tolls also as they will help you to know about the people who interacted with your landing page. With an analytics tool, you can make maps to track and record your customer's journey.

Using the tracking tools and following the processes for it must be done earlier in the process. If you have not done it already, this must be the very first thing that you do. Tracking will help you know about the customers that interacted with your website.

Another critical element of content marketing is indirect sales and leads. Here's how to assess the quality of the leads you get from your content:

  • Do your leads know what they're selling?

  • Have they taken the time to consider all of the advantages and advantages of using your solution?

By this, you'll be able to determine whether your material is actually fulfilling its intended purpose: educating and converting.

An in-depth analysis of website traffic is a must for every content marketer.

HotJar is an awesome tool that could help you track the traffic on your site easily. It helps you in observing and noticing small details also that could help you in tracking your audience.

2.2. Is my Content Helpful or Not?

Now that you know the metrics, you can easily compute your ROI. The next major issue to address is how well your ROI compares to those in the market. As a rule of thumb, whenever your ROI is positive, everything's fine.

The ROI for content marketing, on the other hand, is often excellent. If your ROI is decreasing frequently, read the first section of this post to learn how to boost the quality of your content.

In order to help boost the Return on Investment of your content, you can do the following things.

  • Look at your promotional methods again - What are the best content marketing channels for you? Which ones strike that perfect balance between low costs and good results?

  • Check the quality of your content- This is something that should be done on a regular basis. Is it possible that you're missing conversions and leads due to visitors who aren't given an adequate response? What can you do to make it better?

  • Create objectives – Everything that may be measured can be enhanced. If you want to succeed with content marketing, set ROI targets and benchmarks.

  • Analyze the user experience - How successful are your conversion rates? Are you helping the visitors to land on the most relevant landing pages?

The conversion approach might be the source of low ROI, and this is something that you must address from the non-content side.

Here is one example: You provide your prospects with a list of terms that represents what you're offering. Each term is linked to the one beneath it in the sales funnel, making it easier for visitors to understand what you have to offer.

You use these links to build trust between your company and consumers by revealing basic information about yourself like "What is content marketing?" This page can also have a powerful call to action.

This tactic may not work, why? because you did not give time to the visitor to 'warm up' to you.

It would be more successful to seek them to join your email newsletter, in which you elaborate on the concept further, rather than asking them if they received the message. Of course, in this publication, you can show how your content marketing skills may help clients achieve their objectives.

Make sure that the actions you want your leads to take are simple and logical.

If you get a visitor for the first time then it is better that you go slowly with them and give them some time to warm up and have an idea about what you are offering.

In the case of regular customers, you can begin with a conversation or ask for a call also.

#3 Major Content Marketing Challenge: My Content is Not Being Read Often!

After a lot of struggle and some creative ideas, you have finally created an amazing piece of content!

Great Going!

Now what?

Now you need to get it published and get the most number of reads and clicks on your content.

However, that’s not an easy task. You need to ensure certain things so that your content is read often. Here they are:

3.1. Is Your Domain Authority High?

If you need to get your content read, then you need good SEO on it. So, if the search engine does not read and enlist your content, you will have no domain authority. You can check your domain authority through specific SEO tools.

New website owners usually make this mistake in that they aim too high. They think they have a good website, so they should be ranked. However, that is not how it works!

Your competitors have been here for years and they have a high domain authority and many ranking keywords.

So, in order to compete with these top-ranking websites, you need to have strong backlinking. Your website will most likely get lost among thousands of others if you do not have targeting super-competitive keywords on your website.

So, how do you achieve such strong backlinking?

You need to focus on long-tail keywords that may have a low search volume but are highly targeted. You can check google tools and other SEO-specific tools to find such long-tail keywords.

This backlinking technique can help you in two ways, the first is that it will be easy for you to stand out and the second is that you will be able to define a niche of your content on a targeted keyword.

3.2. Are you Using any Promotional Channels?

In simple words, where does your content appear? Where does it go?

The go-to promotional technique for your content marketing is search engines. They drive powerful traffic on your content and every content creator should prioritize such promotional channels.

To do this, you need to first go to your analytics tool and check the section that displays referrals and sources of traffic.

Then find out where your traffic is coming from.

To dog deeper, you can create a comparison of your performance of your traffic channels in terms of acquisitions and conversions.

If all of your channels are equally low performing there here are some tips for you:

  • Try to focus on word-of-mouth advertising with referral and affiliate marketing strategies.

  • Bring employee advocacy into effect

  • Employ social media marketing

Always remember that when you put your content to get published, it doesn’t mean its marketing is also done. With publishing, you just start the work. After that, you need to actively promote your content as well.

You need to ensure that you are not only on search engines. Instead use forums, message boards, social media platforms, and all other internet sites that possibly exist.

Additional tip!

Smoothly add your company’s information and contact information into your content wherever possible.

3.3. Are you Writing for your Targeted Audience?

The content marketing of beginners is full of fallacies and myths. The most common myth among them is that they just need to target as many people as possible. However, this is the wrong practice!

In order to be successful at this, you need to specify your audience and know their needs.

You need to narrow down your niche and targeted audience. Then search for what they are looking for. For instance, if you are tech industry, your audience will be tech-related not art-related. So only produce tech-related content.

When you write for everyone randomly, you aren’t even able to establish one set of the audience. So, you are not able to please any audience and your content just gets wasted.

Although there are some people who can relate to generalized content, most of them are looking for specified content. Thus, dig deeper and get to know your target audience very well!

Search into your traffic, check their research intent and narrow down your content to fulfill their search intent.

So, if you were wondering why your content hasn’t been performing well, maybe check if you have been able to match your audience’s search intent or not.

Be specific, be accurate, and you’ll be able to rank more!

3.4. Get Professional Help from Experts

If nothing works, don’t worry!

You can always take help from professionals who are experienced in writing content for specialized audiences and also keep the SEO requirements in check.

All in all, you need to search for someone who can convey your message in the best possible words that rank as well.

Skyscrapers LLC has a wide range of highly-qualified professional writers who can create content for any niche. They can write audience-specific content for you that will get your website ranked and will please your audience as well.

Our writers are experts who have years of experience, so they know what they are doing and what they are writing.